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About Us

About Us

Jai Shriram Engineering College was endowed by Shenthil Velevan Trust in the year 2009 with a motto of equipping and implanting the seed of higher education blended with communal harmony to the rural community in and around the Textile City. JSREC reinforces to impart knowledge, teamwork, innovation, entrepreneurship, courage, sacrifice and duty which are innards of a meaningful life. Here we look at education as a complete experience, not just as academics and it laid a pavement for JSREC to a world-class education environed with an eco-friendly greenery rich campus life.

JSREC is also promoted by leading industrialist having 3 major manufacturing divisions in Coimbatore with international reputation and hence we stand forth in creating great minds with optimal advantage in terms of advanced technical knowledge and skills in the distinct aspects of intellectual growth and development. JSREC is renowned for its Industry-Academic Interaction.



To provide world class engineering and management education to promote the rural community students with research oriented global competitiveness


  • To maintain a level of excellence and standards in all programmes that leads to global significance
  • To offer research oriented opportunities and promote the rural community students as an employable engineers and managers with hands on practical experience with industrial exposure
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial culture in young minds and create leaders to serve the society with ethical values

Why Engineering in JSREC?

  • State-of-the-art sophisticated with innovative research lab establishments marching towards Industry 4.0.
  • Regular industrial visit and internship training programs to enhance the industrial needs of the students.
  • Habitual guest lectures and technical talks by eminent academicians and industrialists take place.
  • Value added courses from first year onwards to enhance the skills of the students.
  • In collaboration with our own industry, Barani group of companies (BHIPL), we provide hands on training during their academic period to gain practical knowledge and promote them as an employable engineer.
  • Several mini project opportunities and facilities are imparted with the support of our own industry (BHIPL) along with its Associate Corporate and MNC companies.  
  • Student Mentoring system is injected persistently to ensure the progress of creative minds and innovative thoughts through stress-free environment.


Chairman’s Desk

The Chairman of the trust and institution is a patron, principled and courteous personality who had established various businesses covering domains including textiles, dyeing, finance, real estate, etc., and he is successfully putting them in a row for the past four decades. At present he nestles as the President of Traders Association, Tirupur District. His magnificent vision, valour, dexterity and reliance in Indian values had impacted many young entrepreneurs to imbibe him as their role model and mentor. Hence this nurtures the college to initiate its path to prosperity and to drift up on par with top level institutions.


Greetings from Jai Shriram Engineering College!!

When we match up to a decade before, at present all our human life has more dependency on engineering requirements. Our travel frequency, communication, living style, working atmosphere, volume base production have drastically increased as our needs have commuted from Agriculture to Automotive.


Vice Chairman

Our dependency on man power activity has abridged day by day, as we rely more on automation, Robotic culture and Artificial intelligence features which has lead our industries to blow up high to a standard of  Industry 4.0 and which has been a mandatory to  embrace the present engineering world.Covid has thrown lot of challenges on us but god has given enough courage to re-build all our activities including education.

When we  just imagine, before Covid majority of our activities were on the  basis of   man’s skill dependent but now the scenario has tainted and it is now based solely on engineering – An example “Online Education”

It is really unfortunate that our engineering education what we teach now are not even fundamentals.  We are strained to promote employable engineers as we initiate most advanced engineering through new innovative techniques.Our own industry has different track records by penetrating our Indian engineering strength across the Globe.With that support our JSREC has started moving audacious to create different engineering world through our academic premises. 

Promoting employable engineers is not only a solution, nurturing our JSREC products with innovative thoughts and their deliverables will have the real shore up to our nation.

We move accelerated by accomplishing our strong Five-year plan…



Principal Message

Jai Shriram Engineering College, Tirupur has over the years grown into an institution of greater repute and promise. Ever since its inception in the year 2009, under the guidance of many stalwarts in engineering and academic fields this institution has been on the forefront to establish a honest and disciplined work culture with a definite intent to achieve success in every field.

There is no short-cut to success; and efforts have to be relentless and; the win situation to an institution would be a certainty if only there is transparency of work at every stage and commitment of the faculty members towards the future of the young generations. Every individual has to play a vital role with dedication and unchartered readiness. 

Today Jai Shriram Engineering College, Tirupur has earned a name for itself, as the institution where discipline coupled with value based education is the main criterion.

Once a reputation is attained, it is even a greater responsibility to hold on to the reputation and I am very happy that we at JSREC, Tirupur, as it is popularly known among the stakeholders, have been sincerely working to safe-guard this reputation and to scale newer heights of excellence in technical education.

The aim of our college is always to bring out the Students and to make them better citizens. The Institute always try to impart in the students’ academic excellence, a sense of duty, discipline and above all moral and humanitarian values which are in need of time. Through our educative mission we try to help our students to think differently, to discover the impossible, to travel the unexplored path and to conquer the problems of life courageously to succeed in life. I strongly believe that our students will turn out to be the best technocrats with strong human and ethical values.

Special Campus Tour

Let’s join hands and march together towards the pinnacle of Glory, enriched with positivity and serenity, the campus motivates stronger bonds and enhances your self advancement. Come witness the place you will rejoice throughout your life.


A very important thing is seeing your hard work being fruitful. We make sure that all your effort and hard work throughout the years is reflected during your graduation ceremony. We put in our best so that you can thoroughly enjoy and celebrate your success.

Powerful Alumni

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Alumni are a part of family and they are there to guide you. Get in touch with them to understand your choices better. Talk to them about their growth, listen to their stories and learn from their experiences.