Campus Details

24x7 Security

Security services are available in the campus with magnified security personnel round the clock. Our institution is very particular in ensuring full security for our faculty members, administrative staff and students in the following ways,

  • Continuous monitoring of campus facilities to cater the needs of students
  • Period tracking of truancy and inappropriate student behavior
  • Pamphlets detailing emergency measures are made available to the students
  • Emergency telephones are available in various locations in and around the campus such as parking lots and all other areas inside the campus
  • Surveillance cameras are installed in main buildings, academic blocks, labs, canteen, hostel, parking lots and other places inside the campus

Food Court

The canteen is located inside the college. The management is committed to keep the best quality of the canteen for the utmost benefit of all concerned. It also provides light refreshment like packed snack items, cakes, vegetable puff, beverages, etc., which could fetch the sense of well-being and satisfaction to the students and staff members of the college.

Internet Facility

A centralized internet hub is available for all the students and staff members. Our reputed institution has an art for networking services and internet facility around the clock for upgrading the practical knowledge of the students. A separate well-designed air conditioned internet centre with latest computer systems is functioning in our laboratory and our campus provides Wi-Fi facility.

  • Computing facilities comprises of more than 600 PC’s connected to a centralized server with 64mbps internet connectivity through leased line
  • Every work place on the campus including faculty rooms, office, computer lab, library and administrative office has been provided with network connectivity
  • Wi-Fi has been provided to both college and hostel
  • Our Computer Science Department maintains the internet and campus wide network of our campus
  • Students are availed with Wi-Fi facility for their laptops for easy web access

ATM Facility

JSREC has structured an ATM service inside the Institution for the benefit of the students and the faculty members. The installation of ATM machine inside the college premises strategically promises of convenient access to cash flow which in turn is very essential for our day to day life.

Parking Facility

Parking is an extraordinarily important asset for our colleges as it has an enormous impact on the day-to-day lives of students, faculty and staff, particularly those who commute. Hence we provide Roofed parking facility is in our campus for the 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicles and a separate parking space for the college buses. Vehicle parking is accessed via a barrier control system. Institution vehicle park slots are distributed throughout the main campus and are easily accessible by members of students, staff and other authorized users.

RO Plant


The Institution has installed Reverse Osmosis Plant to replenish drinking water inside the campus. Hot water is also made available round the clock for wide use of hostel students. The entire college campus is facilitated with pure Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water with water coolers in every block to cater the need of pure and safe drinking water to all. The installed capacity of RO system is 5000 litres/day in the campus. The water treatment plant provides safe drinking water at every tap on the campus. A high level of maintenance, attention and regular testing is done.

Three stages in Reverse Osmosis Plant:

Stage 1: Pre-treatment

Stage 2: Passage of the water through 6 RO membrane filters held in parallel to each other

               (main process)

Stage 3: Post treatment

The maximum capacity of the plant is 1500 litres per hour [at the rate of 250 litres per membrane. The utilized capacity is 1000 litres/hour potable water. This water is pure, tasty and hygienic rendering it highly suitable for human consumption. The rejected water from the plant is used for gardening and washing purposes. This plant not only facilitates the supply of safe drinking water but also obviates the otherwise involved huge expenditure for procuring drinking water for the large number of people in the campus.