Electrical and Electronics Engineering

About Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2009. It offers an Under Graduate B.E programme with an intake of 60 students. The department has highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty, following “Outcome Based Education” model to ensure best possible final outcome.

The Department is Well-equipped with advanced laboratories that provide an opportunity for the student and the faculty members to carry out their project modules and research related works in the field of in Electrical Drives, Renewable Energy Sources, special Electrical Machines and Power system thus finding solution for industrial problems.Number of events such as conferences, workshop, symposium, project contest and faculty development programmes are organized for the benefit of students as well as the faculty members.


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Periodical industrial visits and value added courses are conducted to enrich the knowledge of students and to their meet industrial expectations. The department has signed many MoU’s with industries and various institutions  and  takes pride in placing students in various core and multinational companies.



To gather knowledge  in Electrical Engineering and to make the Electrical Engineers ethically strong enough to convene the technical challenges for their well being in this society in the forthcoming years.


  • To provide Technical knowledge to meet the industrial requirements and make electrical engineers with high standards to solve the real time problem
  • To develop the Electrical Engineering department as a center of excellence in research and development
  • To prepare the students for successful careers with strong moral foundation
  • To create Engineering manpower for contributing effectively towards societal enrichment
Value Adding Courses
Course Materials


The faculties and students from the Department of EEE in JSREC are actively involved in various consultancy works in and around Tamil Nadu. Engaging students for consultancy work under the guidance of the faculty experts helps them to gain practical field knowledge and excel in operating the equipments which helps them to work efficiently with no errors after the completion of their course.

Value Added Courses

The value adding courses are conducted, to enrich the knowledge of Electrical Engineering students and meet their industrial expectations

  • Fundamental of Industrial Automation
  • Embedded System Programming
  • LabView
  • PLC
  • PCB Design
  • MAT Lab
  • Ecad
  • Electrical Machines Winding Design
  • eSim
  • Hands on Training For Circuit Designing
  • TinkerCAD




Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Library has plenty of resources with more than 200 books, UG Students project reports, Newsletters and Questions booklets etc., A various collections on subjects starting from Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering to higher end Power system analysis, Control and instrumentation, Electrical Machines, special machines, Power Electronics and drives control, Embedded microcontroller system books. The library also has various technical resources such as conference proceedings, Questions and answer booklets.

Apart from the above, the library is also equipped with Audio Visual resources on CDs, DVDs etc. A complete collection of audio and video content including 4 TB of NPTEL content is made available in every computer so that the students can use it for additional learning. A fully fledged reprography facility is also available for photocopying and binding the content obtained for further usage.

  • The library functions on all working hours to a maximum of 42 hours per week.
  • Total number of books : 287 
  • Total number of volumes : 115
  • Total number of foreign author books : 18 
  • Total number of UG and PG reports : 124 
  • Total number of Indian author books : 270
  • Total number of proceedings : 12 
  • Total number of CDs and DVDs : 10
  • Total number of questions booklets : 12 
  • Total number of NPTEL videos : 4 TB



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