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About Mechanical Engineering

The department was started in the year 2009 for the undergraduate program in B.E Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 60 students. The department offers high quality education to the students through very good infrastructure, laboratories, and faculty and by means of exposure to latest technologies.

The department has highly qualified and well experienced teaching staff, who take extreme care for the development of the careers of the students. The department is very much oriented towards research and development as well as in consultancy.

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The department incorporates a personal approach to education that is supportive of students and provides fundamental and applied skills in engineering, computing and mathematics.

The learning environment, including faculty, staff, and administration, is focused on the evolving needs of students and society. This allows individuals with diverse backgrounds to enter, succeed, and continue the life-long earning process in their chosen careers.

The students and faculty of the department have the best opportunity of industry-institute interaction through frequent visits to and discussions in the companies managed by the management. The companies, renowned throughout the world, offer a congenial and resourceful environment for internships, visits, training, and projects to the students.

The department is in the verge of establishing centre of excellence with the sole purpose of conducting high quality research and development activities in the latest areas such as hydraulics, materials (smart and nano), robotics, vibrations and technology and automation.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to become a world-class department by providing better education and research, leading to well-qualified engineers, who are innovative, entrepreneurial and successful in the advanced fields of engineering and research.


  • To provide quality education to the students and enhance their skills to make them globally successful mechanical engineers
  • To excel in academic and curricular activities by providing ample opportunities
  • To interact with the industries and create an atmosphere for the students and faculties be industry ready
  • To prepare the students for participation in various activities (professional and other wise) for over all personality development
Value Adding Courses
Course Materials


The faculties and students of Department of Mechanical  Engineering of JSREC are actively involved in various consultancy works in and around Tamil Nadu. Engaging students for consultancy work under the guidance of the faculty experts helps them to gain practical field knowledge and excel in operating the equipments which helps them to work efficiently with no errors after the completion of their course.

Value Adding Courses

The Value-Added Courses is important for students to make them better prepared to meet industry needs as well as develop their own interest and improving the employability skills.

 The main aim of the program is:

  • To provide students to understanding the expectations of industry.
  • To improve employability skills of students and make them to industry ready and also it is an opportunity to develop inter-disciplinary skills.

The following courses which are conducted after class hours or during semester break of every year and these courses are conducted by professionals and make by adding further value to their resume.

  • CREO




Our department is also consists of a separate library to cater the students to use the books at any time. It consists of 895 books in 150 different titles related to mechanical engineering and the particular subjects based on the curriculum. It also consists of 253 foreign authored books, 5 department magazines and 840 project reports. An E-learning facility is also provided with 4 systems for the students to get connected to internet at their convenient time.

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